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for Solar Panels

The companies RS-PROJECTS LLC and ALTERNATIVE ENERGY LLC (“ENERGY OF NATURE - GREEN TARIFF” TM) have jointly developed innovative mounting systems for solar panels made of composite material. PATENT #145018 and PATENT #147676 More details - on our channel in Telegram:

Innovative mount for solar systems

We are a team of highly qualified designers, chemists and engineers performing various tasks in many sectors of private business, as well as government orders. We welcome guests in a convenient non-volatile office located near Odessa, where a modern laboratory and workshop are located. Our team creates and designs turnkey solutions for customers, bringing all processes to perfection. This allows you to achieve the most effective results. We set up and launch a production line, as well as ensure that all permits are issued for the subsequent implementation of the finished product. The uniqueness of the proposed developments in combination with the high productivity of the latter ensures a consistently high demand for them. With our help, your business will gracefully outperform competitors and will quickly take a leading position in its segment. On this site you can familiarize yourself with one of our inventions – the mounting system for solar energy made of composite material (short name: RS-SCS).

Material Features

“Polyamide 6” is a structural polymer material with good strength and antifriction properties.

This polyamide is chemically resistant to oils, gasoline, alcohol, weak acids, dilute and concentrated alkalis, non-toxic.

It is the product of the hydrolytic polymerization of caprolactam, corresponds to the chemical formula (-NH- (CH2) 5-CO-) n.

“Polyamide 6” has a high level of water absorption and low resistance to solar radiation, which explains its fragility.)

Our fasteners differ from those existing in the market of metal and aluminum in the following ways:

  • 1.1 Mounting from the material “polyamide 6” is lighter in weight than the analogs of metal and aluminum and therefore easier to transport and install;

  • 1.2 Bolts do not require nuts and washers which facilitates installation;

  • 1.3 Resists corrosion;

  • 1.4 UV stabilized (UV protection);

  • 1.5 Long-lasting that can last over 100 years;

  • 1.6 Does not collapse under dynamic loads;

  • 1.7 Resistant to abrasion;

  • 1.8 Any color scheme of fixtures (which is very important to maintain a beautiful view of the roof or at the request of the customer);

  • 1.9 Does not shrink in frost and sun;

  • 1.10 100% waterproof and can be used in harsh marine environments;

  • 1.11 Installed in marine areas (for watercraft and hydraulic structures);

  • 1.12 Resistant to chemical and acidic environments;

  • 1.13 There is no need for dielectrics, the material itself is a good dielectric

Solar panel mounts for solar stations on the ground

We designed mounts as simple and reliable blocks for children. Such mounting on the roof of your house or on land can be put together by anyone who wants to build their personal solar station! And reliability and durability are simply impeccable. In the video clip, you can see how the assembly process for the solar panels is carried out, the installation of which takes place on the ground. You may also watch the videos of the assembly process on our Telegram channel:

Mounts for Roof Solar Stations

Our main goal was to make roof mounts for solar panels easy to transport, install, and what is most important, durable and reliable. We use three main colors in the production of the mounts: white, gray and black. You choose the color. The process of installing a solar station using RS-mounts you can find on our Telegram channel:

Application area

Where else can you apply our profile and our mounting systems made of composite material?

  • 1

    In the construction of prefabricated frame structures;

  • 2

    In the construction of modern carports;

  • 3

    Exhibition stands and advertising structures;

  • 4

    For the construction of roofs of buildings and residential structures;

  • 5

    In the assembly of sandwich panels for frame structures;

  • 6

    In the construction of gazebos;

Advantages of our fastening systems

Since 2018, we have developed and tested our mounts to achieve the following benefits:

Convenient and quick installation on the roof and ground

2 times lighter than metal analogs;

Environmentally friendly material and color

2 times lighter than metal analogs;

Reliable and cheap to transport

Hard as metal and light as constructor;

Own production

Ukrainian production;

Our works


Date of birth of domain

2019/01/23 we registered and created a website for the presentation of our mounting systems. At the same time, we have been developing our mounting systems since 2018. Now, our customers and partners will be able to find us from anywhere in the world and in the three major world languages.

We have launched the production of mounts for solar panels

We have launched the production of mounts for solar panels on the roofs of buildings and structures in test mode. At the first stage, we launched the production of mounts for solar panels with a volume of 900 kW per month. In 2020, we plan to increase our production capacity to 500 MW per month. We will show some new objects mounted with innovative fastenings soon.

The first megawatt of RS- mounts.

The new working year 2020 began with the first megawatt of RS-mounts for the roofs of buildings and structures. The first megawatt came off the production line, and we are almost completely ready for February sales. We remind you that we are building a dealer network and working with installation companies.

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